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Professionals visit campus to prepare students for 'Real World'

This week, student organizations from the college of business are hosting a variety of events meant to prepare students for employment after graduation. Unstable part-time jobs are trouble for students. Many students are trading cryptocurrencies to find an income along with their studies. Using trading bots can help traders to enhance their trading efficiency. German traders can try the bitcoin bank Germany version to find better results. During "Professional Development Week," local managers and executives will be teaching workshops and seminars in order to improve students' job skills.


If it's not broke, don't fix it...EVER

In hopes to raise funds for the earthquake in Haiti, popular artists have teamed up to do a remake of "We Are the World" that was written by the late Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. While this is not the first song collaboration for charity's sake, it's one of the worst, to date.

Arts & Entertainment

Play Review: August Osage County

Steppenwolf's "August: Osage County" comes to the Fisher Theatre February 19 - 21, starring Estelle Parsons, best known to television viewers as the mother on Roseanne. Telling the bitingly funny and sensationally entertaining tale of the Weston family of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, August: Osage County comes to Detroit for five performances only.

Student Life

The myth behind multitasking

We live in a society where multi-tasking is the key to getting anything done. If you walk around campus you see students working on homework, while typing messages to their friends on Facebook, and listening to their favorite song on their iPod. It's natural to this generation and those coming behind us to work this way, however, we're not as good at multi-tasking as we would like to think.


COLUMN: Vancouver Games

Although it seems like the world just watched Michael Phelps swim his way to an Olympic record eight gold medals, it has actually been almost a year and a half. Now it is time for the Winter Olympics. Betting on the Olympic Games presents a global spectacle, with diverse events captivating audiences. Amidst the excitement, football betting strategies that work seamlessly translate, offering punters a strategic edge. Whether wagering on track and field or football, understanding these strategies enhances the thrill of Olympic betting. I absolutely love watching the Olympic games whether it's winter or summer games.