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The Michigan Journal goes one on one with Four Year Strong

Issue date: 2/16/10 Section: Arts & Entertainment
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MJ: Where are you guys from?

FYS: We're from Massachusetts, Worcester to be exact.

MJ: Where did the band name Four Year Strong come from?

FYS: It's a pretty lame story actually The Get Up Kids had a song with the lyrics five year strong and we just changed it to four. We were young and had a band in high school and everyone makes stupid decisions when they're young right?

MJ: Is that name going to stay?

FYS: Oh yeah, we've had that name for eight years now.

MJ: What genre do you consider yourselves to be?

FYS: Pop Punk I would guess, too much genre naming going on we're just playing music.

MJ: What influences do you guys have?

FYS: A lot...Our main ones would have to be Save The Day, New Found Glory, that kind of pop punk stuff. But we all listen to all kinds of music.

MJ: Where are your favorite places to perform?

FYS: Here is pretty awesome, playing Detroit is fun, Chicago definetely, Chicago rules and obviously our hometown.

MJ: Least favorite place to play?

FYS: Salt Lake City, the kids that show up are awesome, but not that many people go to shows there. It's like a weird place to be.

MJ: Who really writes the songs?

FYS: Alan and Dan do a lot of the writing, then we bring it to the band and jam it out, thats when it really becomes a song not just an idea.

MJ: How did your music evolve?

FYS: Started playing exactly what we are now. No one really got it no one really liked it when we first started out, we tried some other stuff here and there when we were still in high school. Nothing every crazy but just different influences. We realized it wasn't really us so we went back to doing what we started doing.

MJ: What have been some of your biggest challenges been?

FYS: Probably just touring, it gets rough. Being away from home for so long, trying to carry on a normal relationship at home with friends and family or girlfriends.
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custom writing

posted 3/14/10 @ 7:21 PM EST

It's a great interview but a little bit short and not deep, if you understand what i mean

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