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Professionals visit campus to prepare students for 'Real World'

By Veronica Grandison

This week, student organizations from the college of business are hosting a variety of events meant to prepare students for employment after graduation. During "Professional Development Week," local managers and executives will be teaching workshops and seminars in order to improve students' job skills.

Black History Month Series

Female Leaders and Plantation Life

By Veronica Grandison, Leah Johnson, Brittney Moore

The story of Harriet Tubman is a familiar one. Tubman was the fierce-minded abolitionist who led many slaves to freedom during a time when over a million African Americans were in bondage. Sojourner Truth is another female leader whose name is well known in African American history.

Student Government Elections Approaching

By Fatima Khan

The members of Student Government at the University of Michigan Dearborn are gearing up and preparing for upcoming elections. The election determines SG's president, vice-president, and the number of seats each party, slate, or independent, holds in the senate.

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