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Professionals visit campus to prepare students for 'Real World'

Veronica Grandison

Issue date: 2/16/10 Section: News
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This week, student organizations from the college of business are hosting a variety of events meant to prepare students for employment after graduation. During "Professional Development Week," local managers and executives will be teaching workshops and seminars in order to improve students' job skills. The events are also open to the general public as well. Highlights from the week include Speed Networking, Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills, Effective Use of Social Media, and Job Fair Prep & Dress for Success, and Credit 102.

The six COB organizations that are hosting the development week are the Bachelor of Business Administration Honors Program, Students in Free Enterprise, American Marketing Association, Information Technology Management, Beta Alpha Psi and Phi Chi Theta. This is the first time that the student organizations have come together to host the series of events. Other sponsors of Professional Development week include the COB Internship Office, Career Services, CASL Co-op, and the Deans' offices.

"There are so many workshops available for students to attend during this week-long of events and it is all about preparing students for their careers ahead of them, teaching them things they need to know for the real world that aren't really taught in classes," said College of Business student Kimberly Doherty. "I would say that everyone who has worked to put this event together is hoping it will further prepare students and make them more comfortable and confident in themselves."

Doherty, who is a member of the BBA Honors Program, SIFE and AMA, worked with SIFE president Kerry Thompson; Leena Jaber, vice president of Programming and Professional Development for AMA; AMA vice president Carlos Parisi; and Levi Syck, secretary of the ITM Club.

Getting the different companies to participate was a direct result of pooling all of the six student organizations together, along with faculty, staff, alumni and advisory boards.

Professional development week kicked off yesterday with a Hallway Fair at Fairlane Center South. All of the College of Business Student Organizations were available to network with students and give them more information about their organization.

The weeklong events will end with a presentation and networking event featuring representatives from companies such as Valassis, Deloitte, Thomson Reuters, Cisco, Curve Detroit, Ford, Frito-Lay, DTE, Masco and KPMG.

Anyone interested in participating in the workshops and seminars can register http://itmnow.com/pdw/.
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Calgary Movers

posted 4/26/10 @ 1:02 PM EST

This is really good for preparing people for going out and getting jobs. It's important to be prepared because it's so competitive out there these days. (Continued…)

Professional CV

posted 6/10/10 @ 1:14 PM EST

This is excellent! The biggest problem with the modern academic community is turning out people who are just not right for the work environment, neither equipped in skills or attitude. (Continued…)

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