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Professionals visit campus to prepare students for 'Real World'

This week, student organizations from the college of business are hosting a variety of events meant to prepare students for employment after graduation. During "Professional Development Week," local managers and executives will be teaching workshops and seminars in order to improve students' job skills....

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Calgary Movers

posted 4/26/10 @ 1:02 PM EST

This is really good for preparing people for going out and getting jobs. It's important to be prepared because it's so competitive out there these days.

Professional CV

posted 6/10/10 @ 1:14 PM EST

This is excellent! The biggest problem with the modern academic community is turning out people who are just not right for the work environment, neither equipped in skills or attitude. No mention of Dow Chem, my old corporate employer, but I am sure they got involved some where!
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