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If it's not broke, don't fix it...EVER

By M.J. Editorial Board

In hopes to raise funds for the earthquake in Haiti, popular artists have teamed up to do a remake of "We Are the World" that was written by the late Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. While this is not the first song collaboration for charity's sake, it's one of the worst, to date.

Men aren't scared to "Man Up"

By M.J. Editorial Board

Ladies listen, and fellas listen closer. Although times are tough economically, it is still possible for those who are starting their life with that special someone to have a positive beginning. Starting a new life together is about finding a place to stay, whether that is a house or apartment, figuring out how to put your finances together and getting along with your in-laws.

COLUMN: The new American slavery

By Shawn Russell

Too bad the hand of the 13th Amendment isn't long enough. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement collaborated with Signal International to promote human trafficking and slavery in Mississippi. The matter is currently being investigated by Homeland Security and the Justice Department.

COLUMN: Stereotypes exist

By Crystal Obiukwa

In our society there is a large assortment of negative stereotypes of not only the African American race but all races. They can be found in the most unusual and innocent places. From the smiling Uncle Bens face on the rice box at your local grocery store to the curvy shape an physical features of the Aunt Jemima syrup bottle stereotypes are everywhere.

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