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Issue date: 2/16/10 Section: Perspectives
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In hopes to raise funds for the earthquake in Haiti, popular artists have teamed up to do a remake of "We Are the World" that was written by the late Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. While this is not the first song collaboration for charity's sake, it's one of the worst, to date.

We understand that this was an attempt to help the greater good of Haiti but out of the 81 artists that they chose to do the remake, they couldn't come together and write a new song? Everyone is sampling, borrowing, and remaking new songs, have we ran out of things to say?

I guess so considering that Vince Vaughn was needed to fill in a space in the choir. We didn't know he could sing and we're pretty sure that the majority of America didn't know either.

While we commend their charitably, it goes to show that this collaboration was a blatant parade of our "popular" pop culture, which in itself is sad.

Justin Bieber has been a singer for a few months and not only does he get a solo spot in the song but he gets the FIRST solo. We don't dislike Justin Bieber, we just feel that his appearance wasn't needed, along with other artists.We also noticed the song choice; "We Are the World" was used in the memory of Michael Jackson.

This, again, is commended, but had the late great MJ still be breathing; the song probably wouldn't have been used.

It was poorly put together and shows the lack of musical talent that this generation now has. If you have to use auto-tune throughout the duration of the song then let's face it, our music industry is doomed. We guess it's too much to ask for creativity in this day and age and we must settle for overly produced vocals.

We have no problem with supporting Haiti, don't misunderstand; it's the bad music that they want us to buy that is irritating. Though we must admit that we do enjoy some of these artists solely, as a whole, they're the choir that you would kick out of regionals, nationals, and whatever other contest they enter.

Though their hearts were in the right place, producing crap when it comes to charity events is not the way to go.

Dear music industry, Next time you want to help a nation, put a little more effort into the cause and use a few more talented artists. We'll just send our ten dollars via TEXTHAITI! Thank you!
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posted 3/01/10 @ 6:10 PM EST

Yeah I definitely agree with you, they should have just written a new song. Between all those artists they probably could have come up with some new lyrics fairly easily. (Continued…)


posted 3/15/10 @ 9:59 AM EST

I agree. You have people in this is collaboration who have been singing for years, people who we also call Legends. Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones could write a song for American Idol at the top of their heads but they can't write a song for a "true" good cause. (Continued…)

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posted 3/17/10 @ 3:27 PM EST

Golden rule of all matured man. =)

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