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If it's not broke, don't fix it...EVER

In hopes to raise funds for the earthquake in Haiti, popular artists have teamed up to do a remake of "We Are the World" that was written by the late Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. While this is not the first song collaboration for charity's sake, it's one of the worst, to date....

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posted 3/01/10 @ 6:10 PM EST

Yeah I definitely agree with you, they should have just written a new song. Between all those artists they probably could have come up with some new lyrics fairly easily.


posted 3/15/10 @ 9:59 AM EST

I agree. You have people in this is collaboration who have been singing for years, people who we also call Legends. Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones could write a song for American Idol at the top of their heads but they can't write a song for a "true" good cause. Don't get me wrong I love the MJ song, but I think even he would of loved for it to be something different. We claim our culture is about music and diversity but we continue to use the same things over and over again, instead of being orginal. This is really sad and disappointing.

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posted 3/17/10 @ 3:27 PM EST

Golden rule of all matured man. =)

jose moura

posted 9/22/10 @ 11:24 AM EST

Hi guys,

I am writing from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
I agree there is no creativity today.
Good were the times of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple even Queen.

Best Regards,
Jose Artur
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