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Four Year Strong packs The Magic Stick

Matthew Laurinec

Issue date: 2/16/10 Section: Arts & Entertainment
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As the smoke rose to the rafters the house lights dimmed and the stage lights came up.

After hours of anticipation the crowd burst into a chant "Four Year Strong! Four Year Strong! Four Year Strong!" and without further delay the band from Worchester, Mass. took the stage through an eruption of cheers.

As the headliner they were the last to perform and had the longest set out of the five other groups performing at the Magic Stick this past Monday Feb 8th.

This gave Four Year Strong a chance to play some newer songs off their third album Enemy of the World which is scheduled to release March 9th.

Their single "It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong" has already become a hit with their fans across the globe thanks to their myspace and facebook pages, and when they played it live Monday night the crowd sang right along with them.

Four Year Strong didn't just stick to the new stuff as they played some of their more well know songs from Rise?or Die Trying and Explains It All.

This stop in Detroit was one of the last on FYS's Enemy Of The World Tour which ended on February 14th in Providence RI.

Four Year Strong will be heading down under for the remainder of February with a week of shows in Austrailia and will return to Michigan on March 16th when they play at The Intersection in Grand Rapids.
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