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Michigan Journal RSS Feeds

The RSS feeds listed below will always supply the current news from Michigan Journal. In order to use the feeds, just add the RSS link URL to any RSS compatible software or web system.

Main Feed

This feed will return all of the stories in the current issue of Michigan Journal.

Section Feeds

Receive updates whenever any new article is posted to one of these specific sections.


Receive updates whenever any new article is posted to one of these general categories.

What's in Our RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds make content from our current issue available to you. RSS feeds allow us to expose the following data points for each article:

  • headline
  • abstract
  • link back to the article
In addition to this, our system extends the RSS standard by including additional data points, which include:
  • article section
  • parent section (if one exists)
  • issue date
  • subheadline
  • author name
  • author title
  • thumbnail image of photo attachment
  • link back to the article's section
  • section category

What is RSS?

RSS is an internet standard for the transmission of news data. You can take advantage of our RSS feed in many ways. For example, you can download news reading programs that read RSS feeds which display Michigan Journal content. Such programs allow you to read our headlines even when you are not on our web page.

Another potential way to take advantage of this feed would be to integrate it into your web system by using a web scripting language like .NET, Java, PHP or ColdFusion. A web developer can use these types of web tools to periodically download and integrate Michigan Journal content into other web sites. In order to take advantage of this feed, you must already be familiar with RSS, XML, and scripting. Usage specifics in these technologies is beyond the scope of this explanation.


For the web page author

Copy the code below and add it to the HTML source code of your web page. Usage of this code in your page will automatically produce clickable headlines from the current issue of Michigan Journal. If you are familiar with CSS, you are welcome to customize the styles that appear below.

Palm / Mobile Phones

You can now access Michigan Journal via your mobile phone or portable wireless device's web browser. Simply type this URL into your moble device's web browser:


Click on the link below to receive up-to-date news from Michigan Journal on your Palm Pilot or Internet-ready phone.

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