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Men aren't scared to "Man Up"

M.J. Editorial Board

Issue date: 2/16/10 Section: Perspectives
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Ladies listen, and fellas listen closer. Although times are tough economically, it is still possible for those who are starting their life with that special someone to have a positive beginning. Starting a new life together is about finding a place to stay, whether that is a house or apartment, figuring out how to put your finances together and getting along with your in-laws.

The aforementioned things are considered the "finer things" in marriage.
Sometimes though, these plans can be altered when one of the people in the relationship doesn't want the "finer things." We at the Michigan Journal feel that settling for less when it comes to marriage is a serious thing, especially since marriage is a serious, life- long commitment.

Some women have opted to forego their "dream wedding" solely for the sake of staying with their beloved partner. This is unacceptable, especially when one of the partners doesn't want to simple, basic things that come with any relationship or marriage.

For example, when two people get married, it's common for the new couple to move into their own place. If the man in the relationship feels that moving is a bad idea, this is a red flag.

As was mentioned earlier, times are hard and it can be a little daunting to move out of your comfortable home with your parents. But in order for men to fully shoulder their responsibilities as husbands this is a major step.

It just isn't possible for a man to take care of a woman if he is not able to first financially support himself.
At times, men may give women that excuse that living with the family will only be for a short period. At this point, it is very urgent for the woman to decide if she believes that statement or not.

If not, it is clearly time for her to move on. Women can also secure their success in a relationship or marriage by developing the attitude of independence.

This is not to imply that women should give off the aura that they need nothing from men, but they should be careful not to rely on men for security. In other words, a woman should be capable enough to take care of herself if need be.

The Michigan Journal Staff feels that making a commitment to someone is a serious matter and both people have the right to be fully satisfied with their new life. Besides, forever is a long time to be unhappy.
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Jenny Adkins

posted 3/02/10 @ 4:13 PM EST

A woman doesn't need anything from a man, nor does she need a man, period. Nor does a man need a woman. A partner is a complement to your life, not the culmination and sole purpose of it. (Continued…)

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