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Summer orientations give freshmen a look at UM-Dearborn's campus life

By Holly Williams

It is two different worlds when students walk in as freshmen in high school and when they walk in as freshmen in college. The atmosphere, the people and even the food can change for the student who is walking onto a college campus for the first time. Whether it is shock, nervousness or excitement, students feel all sort of emotions when it comes to starting college.

Sorority Recruitment aims to make incoming freshmen feel welcomed

By Holly Williams

Buying textbooks, looking for classes, finding a parking spot and getting to know professors are only a handful of items that one must accomplish when entering into the life of a college student. Students will see flyers upon flyers advertising the latest events, sale ads for apartments and books and athletic events that will be coming up.

Student organization spotlight...

Students for Ethical

By Summar Saad

Students for Ethical Investments (SEI) is a social advocacy group that was recently founded near the end of the school year by freshman Nada Noor. The organization goes far beyond creating awareness, like other social justice organizations. They are starting right at home by making sure that our university is not investing in companies that support genocide and human rights abuses.

Opportunities are abundant for students to make a difference

By Holly Williams

Traveling is just an everyday occurrence that not many people pay attention to. It's a natural habit to travel somewhere in the car, whether to the grocery store or to a friend's house. Some jobs make their employees travel for business and, probably the most common use, going on vacation has some type of traveling involved.

Google recruitment made available to students interested in finding a job

By Holly Williams

Last Wednesday, June 13, the University of Michigan-Dearborn's American Marketing Association (AMA) sponsored a Google recruiting opportunity for all those students interested in showcasing their talents and skills to the company. This marks the second time that Google has come to campus in hopes of recruiting some UM-D students to become part of their family.

C&SS;, Housing Referral helps students find housing options

By Kristina Calvird

Even though the University of Michigan-Dearborn is a commuter campus, that doesn't mean that students still have to live at home with mom and dad. Living the college life doesn't necessarily mean living in a dorm. For students at UM-D, finding housing nearby is always an option.

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