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Henry Ford rocks and rolls with new summer exhibit

By Olivia Vizachero

"Cars are not just transportation, they're art you can drive to the store," said renowned guitarist, Jimmie Vaughn. Vaughn is not the only one who thinks of cars as more than just automobiles. Countless rock stars have shared his obsession with bad to the bone bikes and hot rods, but this infatuation didn't stay put.

Broadway star conquers criminals in 'The Closer'

By Romero Montalban

Corey Reynolds' favorite junk food is Utz vinegar and salt potato chips. The salty star of the stage sat down with the Michigan Journal for a chat while the catering staff set up hors d'oeuvres and canap�s in the party room where a soiree to celebrate the third season of "The Closer" was about to commence.

DIA entertains with summer festival during renovations

By Erin Marquis

With the Detroit Institute of Arts being closed this summer for massive reconstruction, will Detroit be left cultureless? Art, theatre and movie junkies need not fear - the DIA recently revealed its first ever film and music festival. The Detroit Film Theater's Film and Music Festival started June 9.

'The Sopranos' sleeps with the fishes

By Olivia Vizachero

After Sunday's final sit down with America's favorite mafia family, viewers still remain torn on whether the show went out with a bang. Throughout the final season of HBO's most highly acclaimed series, "The Sopranos," avid fans were taken on rampant twists and turns building to the highly anticipated finale.

Judge sends Paris back to slammer

By Diana Salamey

Each year Hollywood's elite craft new mind-boggling ways to capture the public's attention. This year, Paris Hilton is your winner. Tugging on the line between average Joe and celebrity she tests the law to see who has more power. As it turns out, money can't buy people out of every problem.

'Silver Surfer' stuns audiences with special effects in 'Fantastic' sequel

By Jessica Carreras

Whether it's because of the real-life saviors of 9-11, wars and natural disasters, or because comics are making a comeback, it seems that people just can't get enough of super heroes these days. It began in 2002 with "Spiderman." "Batman Begins," "Superman" and the first "Fantastic Four" followed suit.

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