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EDITORIAL: U's silence creates footbath fury

By M.J. Editorial Board

The university's decision to install foot washing stations in the course of restructuring two campus bathrooms has raised the ire of many in the community. While much of the controversy stemmed from the vocal Islamophobia of a few commentators, others concerned with the matter simply sought answers to legitimate questions.

EDITORIAL: SG induction delays unreasonable

By M.J. Editorial Board

March 29, 2007 was the last day of Student Government elections. After months of waiting, election results are only now being certified. We at The Michigan Journal feel this is an unacceptably long period to delay the induction of the new Student Government.

Iraq's refugees are responsibility of U.S.

By Rebecca Mahfouz

Having created one of the worst refugee crises in recent memory, the United States is once again avoiding responsibility for the damage it has wrought by refusing to admit significant numbers of Iraqi refugees. We are, as has become our habit, unleashing mayhem, then sitting idly by while the rest of the world cleans up the mess.

Smokers aren't the only drag on workplaces

By Dan Smith

Recently, Petter Lundborg, Ph.D, economist at the Free University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, did a study of 14,000 Swedish workers who happened to be smokers. The long and short of it is, he found that smokers in the workplace are less efficient and cost the companies more money than non-smokers.

Music industry should adjust to changing times

By Jessica Carreras

Since the emergence of iTunes and iPod, purchase of the traditional compact disc has taken a dive. Some argue that it is the practice of buying - or illegally downloading - music online that is slowly but surely bringing down the music industry and all the artists in it.

Letters to the editor

Re: Foot-washing stations

What's the big deal with foot-washing stations? As a Canadian, I am finding it difficult to understand why the installation of foot-washing stations at The University of Michigan-Dearborn is causing such a commotion is some media outlets. One must note that no tax dollars are being used for this particular project.

Letters to the editor

Re: "Month of vegetarianism nixes hypocritical feelings

In response to the column "Month of vegetarianism nixes hypocritical feelings" (4/24/07), Mr. Switzer's sentiments are among a growing number of people who realize that not only is eating meat completely unnecessary, but it also supports a violent and gruesome industry.

Star-struck media and trashy celebs bad for kids

By Kristina Calvird

Who do little girls look up to? Maybe it's Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, or even Nicole Richie. There are just so many to choose from. If you didn't detect the sarcasm, it was definitely there. But seriously, who do little girls look up to? Well, maybe Miss America? Nope.

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