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'Reno 911!: Miami' takes police brutality to skimpy new level

By Ryan Schreiber

Lt. Jim Dangle said he wasn't worried about the frigid temperatures or blustery winds. His shorts, though tiny and tight, were staying on. For tactical reasons, obviously. Dangle, along with Deputies Trudy Wiegel and Travis Junior of the Reno Sheriff's Department, stopped by the Firing Line gun range in Taylor recently to teach a self-defense class to some metro-Detroit citizens.

'Emagine' never waiting in line at the movies

By Rene' Cizio

Bypass those busy lines at the theater by printing movie tickets at home. Ever get to the theater and have to drop a date off at the front door because there's nowhere to park and the movie is about to start? Then, when you finally get up to the ticket counter, you find out that the show you wanted to see is sold out.

MySpace chat rooms popular for 20-somethings

By Lillian Jones

MySpace is one of the most popular free Web sites to make new friends, keep in touch with old friends, showcase your talents and find out the latest events in your area. One popular way of doing this is through the use of MySpace chat rooms. MySpace features many different chat rooms.

Budweiser proved king of commercials

By Sonya Kassis

While baseball is considered America's pastime, no other sport garners the attention, audience or advertisements that are bestowed upon football. Some watched and rooted for a team, hoping that Indianapolis' Peyton Manning would take home his first Super Bowl ring, or that the Chicago Bears would be victorious for the first time in years.

Author puts 'Hate culture' on trial

Four out of five stars

By Rebecca Mahfouz

With his latest book "Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power: The Rise and Risks of the New Conservative Hate Culture," author Gerry Spence, (St. Martin's Press, 2006) summons the full force of 50 years of experience as a trial attorney and takes rhetorical aim at neoconservative talking heads from Ann Coulter and Nancy Grace to Rush Limbaugh.

Check It Out...


By Jessica Carreras

In the classroom. On a bus. In a crowded movie theater. The awkward moment happens when someone lets one rip, cuts the cheese, lets it loose. Whatever it's called, everyone has been that person and been around that person: the public farter. There is, quite possibly, nothing in the world so embarrassing as being the one who makes people gag and hold their noses.

Flint native Terry Crews shines on screen

By Veronica Grandison

It can be hard trying to make the transition to acting once a person has already conquered another area in the entertainment world like being an athlete or a singer. However, actor Terry Crews has once again proved that success can be achieved in more than one form.

Essential Helmet lost but not forgotten

By Aaron Rinna

It's summertime and your neighbor is out mowing his lawn again. He's sporting a crew cut, polo shirt and khaki shorts with slip-on shoes and no socks. When the chores are done, he picks up his guitar, cranks his amp and plays some of the loudest, noisiest, heaviest music known to man.

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