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Fake Holograms a 3-D Crime Wave

Counterfeiters learn to make convincing copies of the shiny, embossed stickers that certify everything from software to baseball cards. By Marty Graham.

Petite Food Fighter Pigs Out

YouTube's latest sensation is a svelte Japanese girl who can out-eat a sumo wrestler. By Lisa Katayama.

The Wii Is a Plastic Box of Death

Thanks to the degenerate minds behind the Nintendo Wii, young gamers are being transformed into murderous, ravening beasts. Commentary by Lore Sjöberg.

Indie Music Blog Gets It Right

Weekly unique recordings by artists you love put Daytrotter on the short list of good sonic sites. By Eric Steuer from Wired magazine. Plus: Music reviews.

All-You-Can-Play Gaming Buffet

Gametap puts hundreds of titles at your fingertips and connects you to gamers worldwide. By Chris Kohler from Wired magazine.

The Mysteries of Mental Age

Surgically altered so she'll stay forever childlike, a brain-damaged girl supposedly possesses the mentality of a baby. But how do her doctors know? By Randy Dotinga.

Big Q: Son of Spaghetti Monster?

Was there a historical Jesus? And if so, was he the child of a deity that looks like pasta? Share your wisdom on the Wired Wiki.

Feb. 7, 2000: Mafiaboy's Moment

Several major websites are brought down by the largest denial-of-service attacks ever staged. Compiled by Tony Long.

Bacteria Swarm on Average Arms

Scientists analyze germs on people's skin and discover that we're literally crawling with the little buggers. In Bodyhack.

MRIs Are for Lovers

Dutch researchers use an MRI machine to scan copulating couples. Guess which body part ends up looking like a boomerang. In Sex Drive Daily.

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