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Military Wants More Civilians to Help in Iraq

The complaints reflect fresh tensions between the Pentagon and the State Department over personnel demands that have fallen most heavily on the military.

News Analysis: Many Voices, No Debate, as Senate Is Stifled on War

The Senate has tied itself up in procedural knots rather than engage in a debate on Iraq policy.

Rural Colleges Seek New Edge and Urbanize

A new concept of the college campus is taking root: a small city in the country that is not for only the young.

Memo From Frankfurt: Germany Relives 1970s Terror as 2 Seek Release From Jail

Two members of a terrorist gang known for an anarchic season of kidnappings and killings are petitioning to be released from prison early.

Libby Speaks on Tape, but May Not in Court

I. Lewis Libby Jr.’s lawyers appeared to be engaging in some gamesmanship over the possibility of not having Mr. Libby testify in his own defense.

Army Is Going Wrinkle-Free; Velcro Becomes Norm

The Army has been retiring its old Battle Dress Uniform in favor of a wrinkle-free cotton and nylon version.

Democrat Wins Senate Seat on Long Island

The unofficial tallies showed the Democrat, Craig M. Johnson, winning about 53 percent of the votes.

From Spaceflight to Attempted Murder Charge

A NASA astronaut, Capt. Lisa Marie Nowak, has been charged with the attempted murder of a rival for the affections of a fellow astronaut.

As Inflation Soars, Zimbabwe Economy Plunges

Hyperinflation has bankrupted the government, left 8 in 10 citizens destitute and decimated factories and farms.

Test to Predict Breast Cancer Relapse Is Approved

The approval marks a step toward an era in which medical treatments are personalized for each patient.

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