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US helicopter crash near Baghdad

A US helicopter goes down near Baghdad, in the fifth such incident in Iraq so far this year, US officials say.

Massive turnout at India air show

Some 500 aircraft companies flock to Bangalore hoping to cash in on India's booming aviation sector.

Car firms facing pollution curbs

The European Commission proposes a cut of 18% in CO2 produced by the average new car within five years.

Vienna busts huge child porn ring

Austria uncovers a child pornography network involving more than 2,360 suspects in 77 countries, authorities say.

Bremer quizzed on cash for Iraq

US politicians grill the former civilian chief in Iraq Paul Bremer over why he sent billions in cash to Baghdad.

Nigerian VP named on graft list

Nigeria's vice-president is on a list of candidates the anti-graft agency says are too corrupt to run in elections.

Apple seeks music shake-up

Apple's Steve Jobs urges top record companies to begin selling songs online without security software.

Palestinian talks open in Mecca

Leaders of rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas begin talks in Mecca in a last-ditch effort to avert civil war.

Jakarta's deadly floods receding

Jakarta's flood-hit residents begin to return home, despite much of the city still being under water.

US journalist in record jail term

Reporter Josh Wolf passes the mark for the longest jail time in US history for failing to reveal information.

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