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Jobs Calls for End to Music Copy Protection

Apple’s chief said record companies should allow songs to be sold online without anticopying software, in part because the technology does not stop piracy.

Video Gear Helps to Lift Cisco’s Profit and Shares

The Internet equipment maker benefited from growing demand for bigger, faster networks that can handle video.

Connections: Techie’s Cyber Odyssey: Magic in Bits and Bolts

Pondering Microsoft’s new Vista system from inside the belly of one of its beasts.

Microsoft Spurns Appeal to Intervene in Russian Piracy Case

Microsoft rebuffed a public appeal by Mikhail Gorbachev for its chairman, Bill Gates, to intervene on behalf of a Russian school principal charged with software piracy.

Amazon and TiVo in Venture to Put Downloaded Videos on TV

The companies will allow TiVo owners who shop on Amazon’s digital download store to send films and TV shows to their broadband-connected TiVo machines.

Samsung to Pay $90 Million in Chip Price Case

The world’s largest maker of memory chips settled civil charges that it conspired with six other makers of computer chips to fix prices.

Wal-Mart and Studios in Film Deal

Wal-Mart will introduce a partnership with all of the six major Hollywood studios to sell digital movies and television shows on its Web site.

After Long Dispute, Two Apples Work It Out

Apple Inc., the maker of the iPod, and Apple Corps, the guardian of the Beatles’ music interests, have settled their trademark fight over their shared name.

F.T.C. Reaffirms Rambus Antitrust Ruling

The Federal Trade Commission made final its ruling that the memory chip designer violated antitrust laws, imposing limits on the royalties the company can charge.

A Long-Delayed Ad System Has Yahoo Crossing Its Fingers

Project Panama is Yahoo’s effort to close the wide gap with Google in the race for search advertising dollars.

Will Apple pick music's digital locks?

The music industry reacts as Steve Jobs, the boss of Apple, sets out his stall on the future of the music industry.

Apple seeks online music shake-up

Apple's Steve Jobs urges top record companies to begin selling songs online without security software.

Hackers attack heart of the net

Servers that managed global internet traffic have been subjected to a concerted attack by hackers.

Warning over ePassport chips

Microchips in Britain's new electronic passports only have a two-year warranty, the National Audit Office says.

Science backs nuclear burial plan

There are no major scientific or technological barriers to burying UK nuclear waste underground, scientists say.

MySpace offers £1m directing job

The chance to direct a £1m feature film is to be won in a competition on social networking website MySpace.

Plan to list paedophile web names

Sex offenders could be forced to register their e-mail addresses and chatroom names, the government says.

Windows 'fails' active virus test

Windows security tools fail tests to see if active viruses can successfully infect the software.

Net safety day marked worldwide

Efforts to make the net less risky for children are being marked by the fourth Internet Safety Day.

Chip-and-pin hole revealed

Details from chip-and-pin cards could be stolen while shoppers make purchases, scientists say.

Jobs wants overhaul of music download system

Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple, jolted the record industry by calling on its largest companies to allow online music sales unfettered by anti-piracy software.

Hands-on Tundra pitch aims to outmuscle its rivals

Toyota is using a $100 million Detroit-style ad campaign to sell Americans on its new, full-size Tundra pickup.

Amazon and TiVo create venture to put downloaded videos on TV

Amazon.com, the online retail giant, and TiVo, a pioneer of digital video recorders, are teaming up to help movies and television shows downloaded from the Internet make the leap to TV screens.

Apple's chief calls for end to music copy protection

Steven Jobs is calling on the four largest music companies to license their music for distribution without digital anti-piracy protection.

Jeff Zucker appointed chief of NBC Universal

The new chief will have to deal with the rapid technological and financial changes that are throwing many traditional media businesses into upheaval.

Two Apples settle dispute

The long and winding road has come to an end for the Beatles, at least as far as the dispute over their Apple logo is concerned.

Briefing: Kodak challenges HP with low-cost printers

Also: Cellphone operators to set child safety code; Reding expects a deal on roaming by summer; More.

Sony Ericsson unveils a slimmer Walkman phone

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications introduced a raft of new products Tuesday, including a Walkman phone that is its slimmest ever and two Cybershot-branded camera phones.

Toyota drops subtlety for macho truck ads

With its new full-size Tundra pickup, Toyota is not simply "moving forward," as the automaker's U.S. advertising slogan asserts.

Microsoft won't intercede in Russian software piracy case

The company rejects an appeal to Bill Gates from Mikhail Gorbachev to aid an accused Russian school principal.

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