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Super Bowl XLIII by the numbers

By Alyssa Webb

The Super Bowl. It is a staple of American culture that has since become an unofficial holiday to be celebrated by avid football fans and casual sports enthusiasts alike. Over the years, ratings have skyrocketed, making it the most-watched television broadcast in the U.

Planning your party for the big game...

By Alyssa Webb

BEVERAGES, BEVERAGES This is not the time to be counting carbs! Let's be honest with ourselves, the Super Bowl is not the time for frilly cocktails and wine coolers. No, this party is one that is best suited with beer. There are beer commercials bombarding the senses throughout the whole game.

Forum Foundation readies for scholarship fundraiser

By Anton Anderssen

The 14th Annual Valentine's Day Ball, a fund-raiser for The Forum Foundation scholarship program, will be held Saturday, Feb. 7, from 7 p.m. until midnight. Each year, The Forum Foundation grants multiple scholarships to college students. Scholarships will be awarded to qualified lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students (LGBT) within Michigan in an effort to support their educational pursuits.

N.A.P. Time

By Ali Beidoun & Tanaya Karnik

Do you have a really good friend that you have just recently realized you have feelings for? Do you know how to go about this situation? Well, NAPs are here to help you! Here are the ins and outs to dating a friend. First, you need to figure out if you truly do have feelings for this friend and if these feelings are worth risking your friendship for.

The Detroit Datebook

By Alyssa Webb

TUESDAY/27 -The Hot Club of Detroit at Cadieux Cafe in Detroit -Hamlet at WSU Hilberry WEDNESDAY/28 -Brew & View: 007: Quantam of Solace at the Magic Bag in Ferndale THURSDAY/29 -The Black Keys at the Fillmore in Detroit -Brew & View: Cadillac Records at the Magic Bag in Ferndale -Funeral for a Friend at Magic Bag in Ferndale FRIDAY/30 -Atavan at the Eagle Theatre in Pontiac -Ann Arbor Folk Festival at the Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor -Flynn at the Berkley Front in Berkley SATURDAY/31 -Dance Saturdays at Venue in Dearborn -Ferndale Blues Festival in Downtown Ferndale SUNDAY/1 -Super Bowl Sunday -A Streetcar Named Desire at Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea MONDAY/2 -Lions and Wings Days at Greektown Casino: Wings v.

Oral Fix

This Week...Tongue Scraping

By Ziyad Elassal

Have you ever wondered why that girl you have a crush on won't talk to you? Does it seem like your friends stand at a distance when you speak? Do people avoid long conversations with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be the victim of bad breath also known as halitosis, which can have a serious effect on your social, business and even your sex life.

Beats of the Week

Best of Edition

Best of 2008 Top 10: 1. Kanye West-808's & Heartbreak 2. The Verve-Forth 3. Sloan-Parallel Play 4. The Cure-4:13 Dream 5. Albert Hammond Jr.-Como te Llama? 6. MGMT-Oracular Spectacular 7. Jenny Lewis-Acid Tongue 8. Wild Sweet Orange-We Have Cause to Be Uneasy 9.

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