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Editorial: UM-D should boast what it has

By M.J. Editorial Board

After the online publication of last week's Michigan Journal editorial titled "New football ticket policy demeaning," we received a comment that was a wake-up call to the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Written by a UM-Ann Arbor student, the comment said that UM-D students are lucky to even be able to get student football tickets and went on in detail about how our campus, along with Flint, is sub par to the main campus.

Editorial: Parents' DNR wishes should be upheld

By M.J. Editorial Board

Last week, The Detroit Free Press covered the story of a Novi family whose son is profoundly mentally and physically impaired. He is 22 and attends a Northville school for severely disabled students. While a newspaper feature on a young person living with disability isn't unusual, in this particular instance, the real story was a battle instigated by the school when the young man's parents made the selfless decision to sign a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order for their son.

Procrastination leads to increase in stress

By Cindy Jovanoski

I admit, I tend to procrastinate from time to time, but I should put an end to that because it leads to even more stress and turmoil. As UM-D students, I'm sure all of you know that college is extremely difficult and it takes a lot of dedication and time to make it to the finish line, so to speak.

Quitting your job? Do it the right way

By Faris Alami

People quit their jobs for a variety of reasons - hopes of better pay, a shorter commute or greater opportunities for growth - but no matter what your reason, it is wise to exit gracefully. Before beginning a job search carefully, consider whether you really want to quit your current job.

Support places that need support, not those endorsed by celebrities

By Rebecca Mahfouz

It's show time in Tibet. After more than 50 years of brutal Chinese occupation and oppression, Tibetans have chosen their moment wisely. With the faces of the Dalai Lama and Richard Gere at the forefront of the campaign, protests by Tibetans and by others on their behalf are diverting the world's attention from the Beijing Olympics, forcing observers to acknowledge the repressive nature of the capitalist/communist conundrum known as China.

Forced removal of 'abortion' search term denies legal right to health information

By Dan Smith

I'm not sure when exactly I went from the MJ's go-to smoker to our go-to pro-choicer, or as I so eloquently put it in the past, pro-women-can-do-what-they-want-etc.-etc,, but I read an article that caught my attention this week. The reproductive health database POPLINE, or "population information online," that once had "abortion" blocked as a search term as a search engine would disregard "a" and "the," has recently lifted the ban.

Letter to the editor

Re: CandleCo satire in April Fool's issue

You are to be congratulated on your total lack of caring, compassion, concern, or intelligence in publishing the article on the candle wax factory. This is not a joke; neither should such a tragedy be used as a joke. The emergency preparedness and response, public health, and occupational health communities, among many others, are seriously dismayed at the low caliber of publication coming from your university.

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