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Errors, inaccuracies, improbable plots don't deter avid movie viewers

By Olivia Vizachero

While it isn't a news flash that some Hollywood blockbusters don't contain completely accurate information, some movies just blatantly ignore practicality and every law of physics. MSNBC recently reviewed and ranked movies with the most improbable plots or glaring errors.

N.A.P. Time

Created by Ali Beidoun and his fellow New Age Philosophers, New Age Philosophy has come to be a way of life for some UM -?D students. Beidoun, Karnik and MacMillan, three NAPsters, offer their words of wisdom to troubled students in search of helpful advice.

Restless students in search of solution to no sleep

By Alyssa Webb

Mornings are a far cry from the favorite time of day for most college students. Whether the reasoning is pulling an all-nighter for an exam or due to a party where less-than-intelligent decisions were made, the reasoning is irrelevant. The bottom line is over half of University of Michigan-Dearborn students aren't getting enough sleep according to the results of a short quiz from msnbc.

Caffeine may be the cure, a recent study found

By Alyssa Ryerson

Attention to all caffeine addicts out there: Tired of hearing from people about how coffee stains teeth, stunts growth and is bad for one's health? According to recent research, stained teeth and stunted growth may be worth it when it comes to consuming a beverage that is in fact quite good for people's health.

WUMD Beats of the Week

Artist: French Kicks Album: "Swimming" Label: Vagrant Records Rating: Two out of five stars With soft melodies and hazzy vocals, the latest Kicks effort is both entrancing and provoking. Key tracks like "Carried Away" repeat a steady guitar strum that serves as a base for the changing tempo through the song as it sounds like something that you should listen to in a dark, cozy, nearly haunted room, with the album as the only noise.

Etiquette Ed.

This week: Roommates

By Olivia Vizachero

Helpful dos and don'ts to make sure you never look like an idiot. As college students spread their wings and stray from home, chances are they will find roommates to aid in paying hefty rent and utility bills. But although each roommate may share the same amount of responsibility and space, they shouldn't share everything.

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