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Colleges protest boycott with newspaper ad

Michigan Daily, University of Michigan, Mi

5 hours ago by Emily Angell, Daily News Editor

University President Mary Sue Coleman and former University presidents Lee Bollinger and Harold Shapiro, along with presidents of other American colleges, endorsed an advertisement that appeared in the New York Times on Aug. 8 that agreed against the United Kingdom's University and College Union's proposed boycott of Israeli universities.

As Big Ten Network launch date nears, Comcast still holding out

Michigan Daily, University of Michigan, Mi

3 hours ago by Kevin Wright, Daily Sports Editor

CHICAGO - The next few weeks will tell a lot about the future success of the fledgling Big Ten Network, the network's president, Mark Silverman, said at Big Ten football media day last week.

"I think in the next few weeks, we're going to get some big deals done," Silverman said.

Big Ten not about to expand

Michigan Daily, University of Michigan, Mi

6 days ago by Jack Herman, Daily Sports Writer

CHICAGO - Recent rumors of a Big Ten expansion provided plenty of fodder for message boards and radio talk shows as fans and pundits discussed the possibility of a 12th team.

But don't book your weekend road trip to Syracuse or Rutgers just yet.

The conference has no plans to expand, Commissioner Jim Delany said at Big Ten football media day last week.

Holland's not what you think

BG News, Bowling Green State University, OH

4 days ago by Melinda Jacobs

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Marijuana, windmills, tulips, and wooden shoes - what do they all have in common? They're all archetypical symbols of Holland. What else do they have in common? When it comes to the Netherlands, or cities that have received a reputation such as Amsterdam, these four things only scratch the surface to the cultural history of Holland.

"The Simpsons Movie"

BG News, Bowling Green State University, OH

4 days ago by Joe Morehart

"The Simpsons Movie"

Grade: A-

In "The Simpson Movie," Homer asks the audience, "Why pay for something you can see on TV for free?" In this case, it is because the episodes that have been on TV for the last few years are nowhere near as good as this movie.

If you're not abstinent, why are you so afraid to show it?

BG News, Bowling Green State University, OH


Our generation knows a thing or two about the dangers of sex. We've all been for warned of the risks of pregnancy and STD's, and that abstinence is the thing that is 100 percent effective against these two things.

But most of the population does not heed the warnings of that really old lady in fifth grade that taught sex education.


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