Open Art Competition showcases talent from all over the state

Holly Williams

Issue date: 7/17/07 Section: Student Life
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The Berkowitz Gallery in the Mardigian Library was filled with more than 80 different works of art. Each of the works displayed some of the most common forms of art, like oil on canvas, clay, watercolor, pastel, photography and bronze, but each of the artists brought a unique style of presenting art.

The works were all part of the 11th Annual All-Michigan, All-Media Art Competition. The exhibition started on June 1, where the winners were recognized at the award ceremony. It ended July 12. Students and guests were allowed to witness the works firsthand as they could enter the gallery and see paintings on the wall, statues being showcased behind glass and beautiful pottery and quilts.

Fist place went to Paul VanHeest from Cheboygan, followed by Carl Demeulenaere from Gross Pointe and Janice Trimpe from Grosse Point Park.

The Merit Awards were given to Kirk McLendon from Livonia, Jill Ault from Ann Arbor and James Quinlan from Cheboygan. A Special Category Award was given to Donna Cyrbok.

"The exhibition brings a wide variety of work by artists throughout Michigan to our UM-Dearborn Alfred Berkowitz Gallery," director of the Art Museum Project, Kenneth Gross said. "The competition is open to artists 18 or older, living or working in Michigan. We encourage new work for the competition and try not to present work that may have previously been shown on campus."

Ranging from Canton, Troy, Birmingham, Detroit and Farmington Hills to Harper Woods, Saginaw, Warren and Rochester Hills, artists from all over Michigan presented their talent.

"We have used special themes to reveal some of the special qualities of UM-D," Gross said. "We have focused on diversity, our unique programs in automotive studies, our celebrated glass collection, metropolitan programs and environmental programs."

Gross and the creator choose what will fill the exhibit by reviewing the entries. Creativity and skill are two important concepts that are looked at and the final works are chosen depending on which ones stand out.

"We try to choose a wide variety of materials, techniques, subjects, etc, while creating a cohesive, representative exhibition," Gross said.

The gallery does help the artist by assisting with sales and keeps them in touch with prospective collectors.

Anyone interested in becoming part of the exhibition should call the gallery at 593-3592 and ask to be put on the competition mailing list, which will be mailed out early next year. The 2008 presentation will be take place and is schedules for June 27-July 24.
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