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Open Art Competition showcases talent from all over the state

By Holly Williams

The Berkowitz Gallery in the Mardigian Library was filled with more than 80 different works of art. Each of the works displayed some of the most common forms of art, like oil on canvas, clay, watercolor, pastel, photography and bronze, but each of the artists brought a unique style of presenting art.

UM-D psychology student, Jason Davis, auditions for Real World

By Holly Williams

It caught the world of television by storm. From its debut in 1992, it captivated audiences everywhere. "Real World" has become a cultural phenomenon that nobody can get away from. It's a guilty pleasure that anyone who watches MTV can easily get hooked on.

UM-D takes a trip

By Jessica Carreras

What better way to be introduced to the University of Michigan-Dearborn's student activities than by taking a road trip? In an effort to increase student involvement during the summer months, the Student Activities Office has created the Road Trippin' Series, which invites students to go with SAO to the art fair, downtown and to several museums, just to name a few.

Student Organization Spotlight...


By Kristina Calvird

TREK is an outdoor adventure group for University of Michigan-Dearborn students who enjoy the smell of fresh air and being one with nature. Whether it is backpacking and hiking through different parts of Michigan, or just getting together for a picnic, this organization welcomes everyone who loves the outdoors and the many sights of nature.

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