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Campus Dining offers meal plans

Plans will use M-Cards that can be swiped at campus dining

By Halston Herrera

The University of Michigan-Dearborn campus dining has instituted meal plans for its students. Meal plan accounts use "Debit Dollars" that are placed on a student's M-Card. Students can swipe their cards at McKinley Caf�, Java City and the Fairlane Food Court.

Students create reading program for children

By Kristina Calvird

Two early childhood education majors working as student assistants in the library are starting a reading program. "College Kids Club" surrounds the idea that library is a fun place to go and that reading is exciting," said Christy Ralph, co-founder of the program.

Debate Team no longer USO, under new leadership

By Summar Saad

After the University of Michigan-Dearborn's Student Activities Office made the decision to cut funding for the Debate Team last year�because of a lack of participation and leadership,�UM-D students Ian Tran� and� Kurt Edelbrock have taken the initiative to take over and start� planning ahead for a year of tournaments and fundraising.

University offers over $9 million in scholarships for Fall 07

By Halston Herrera

The University of Michigan-Dearborn has offered over $9 million, or over 750 scholarships, to incoming students for the Fall 2007 semester. "We have increased our efforts to find students financial aid because it is our responsibility to make it known that the money is out there, and accessible," said Christopher Tremblay, director of orientation and admissions.

UM unveils Tuition Refund Plan for Fall

By Jessica Carreras

This fall, all three University of Michigan campuses will begin offering the UM-Tuition Refund Plan, which will reimburse students who are forced to withdraw from their classes due to serious injuries or illnesses late in the semester up to 85 percent of their tuition costs.

Top honors given to engineering students for safety device design

By Dan Smith

A weightlifting accident has inspired a group of mechanical engineering students to create a device for spotter-free lifters. The "AutoSpot" project, created by students Amy Crandall, Charles Kovelle, Glenn MacRae and Kristyna Salamey, has recently took top honors at the College of Engineering and Computer Science's annual senior design competition.

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