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There's no point to the meal plans

By M.J. Editorial Board

Recently, University of Michigan-Dearborn Campus Dining unveiled plans to offer students a "meal plan" option for all areas on campus that serve food, including McKinley Caf�, Java City and the Fairlane Center Food Court. The main goal of this (and many other student life-oriented endeavors) seems to be giving the school less of a commuter feel, something UM-D officials claim barely even exists.

Include all students in homecoming

By M.J. Editorial Board

When attending classes on a commuter campus, students often miss out on many of the typical college experiences of larger universities. Although University of Michigan-Dearborn faculty and students have made several attempts to create a more traditional college atmosphere, some of their efforts have fallen a bit short.

Detroit residents' denial doesn't help city's woes

By Rebecca Mahfouz

"Detroit: A True Renaissance City." That was the title of a presentation one of my classmates gave during a recent speech class. The proud Detroit resident spent seven minutes regaling us with thrilling tales of the Renaissance Center, Eastern Market and the grand plan to turn Detroit into an oasis for business and industry.

Video-games:?The new drug epidemic?

By Dan Smith

It's still under review, but the American Medical Association (AMA) is considering "video-game overuse" as a new psychiatric disorder. Can you blame them? Have you ever encountered a video game addict? I hate to generalize (really, I do), but they're usually pale, unkempt loners, living off Red Bull and Sun Chips, who would rather spend a Friday night playing "World of Warcraft" than going out and drinking with friends.

Wedding day overkill puts a damper on wedded bliss

By Leah Johnson

'Will you marry me?' is probably the most costly question that a man will ever ask a woman. If her response is favorable, he might as well hand her his wallet instead of an engagement ring. This isn't to say that his wife-to-be is going to take his money and run, but both he and she are going to need money (and a lot of it) to plan a pleasant and memorable ceremony.

Letter to the editor

Re: Sorority Recruitment aims to make incoming freshmen feel welcomed

The recent article regarding Sorority Recruitment was misleading and included significantly wrong information. The article starts off describing the various aspects of college life, including joining organizations and attending events as more of a burden rather than depicting them both as what they really are - opportunities to enrich one's college experience and for personal development.


A Student Government Forum

Dear Campus Community, This summer you'll find that changes are taking place across campus. From new sports teams to meal plans, there is something happening for everyone to enjoy. Welcome Week will be coming as classes resume for the fall. Along with all of this, we'll be bringing a Homecoming to instill spirit and tradition throughout our campus.

Being a neighbor takes more than landscaping

By Craig Hutchinson

One of the funny things about words is that no matter how often you may have heard a certain word or seen the same word in print, there can still come a time when you interpret a word you thought you knew quite well in a very different way. Let me explain.

Alli won't help you lose anything, not even weight

By Jessica Carreras

Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Hydroxy Cut - and the newest weight loss miracle? Hello, alli. Praised as a miraculous "fat blocker" that helps women to lose 50 percent more weight when on a diet, alli has received lots of criticism lately because of allegations that it may cause, er, unpleasant side effects to the tune of fecal incontinence.

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