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Issue date: 10/9/07 Section: Perspectives
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Living in a state where around 49 percent of marriages are ending in divorce, newly engaged couples are getting prepared for what may come. Or are they?

The journey down the aisle can be a very joyous time. Despite the stress and strain of all the plans leading up to the wedding, after all the "wedding jitters" have left, a couple can't help but to bask in the glory of it all.

The reception, the honeymoon suite and the new house can all seem surreal. The couple prepares for their life together and, after the honeymoon is over, what they are usually left with are bills and each other.

And one of these bills that doesn't come cheap is from that gleaming rock upon the blushing bride's hand: the engagement ring. Many women dream of the day when they can walk into their job and, as their co-workers see the gigantic rock on her finger, instantly become the center of attention. The small fortune that is gently circling her ring finger is her pride and joy and, more likely than not, the person she is going to marry is brainstorming ways to pay for it.

After the ceremony and honeymoon are over, if somewhere along the way the woman finds out that the man she calls husband is not the love of her life, what will become of the beautiful jewelry that once symbolized their endless love and commitment?

Typically, the woman will get the ring if a divorce should occur. Since it was considered a "gift," it belongs to the woman and although the husband may have paid for it, the woman will still be able to keep it because it is now considered her property.

There have been heated debates and tearful discussions on the topic of who gets the engagement ring, even going as far as going to court to settle the argument. However, to avoid all the hassle that comes with that, we at The Michigan Journal believe that before the wedding day, the couple needs to make sure that everything is settled by signing a prenuptial agreement before the signing the marriage license.

Every couple needs to look at the future realistically. Although they want to be optimistic and think that everything is going work out, they do need to consider a back-up plan in case something like divorce should arise. Preparation would save the couple a lot of heartache and hassle because they would already know where they stand. They would know who would take the dog, the furniture and of course, the engagement ring.

Forget the romantic fantasy; face the facts and sign the prenup.
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Axxel Knutson

posted 10/10/07 @ 10:10 AM EST

Of course the man should get custody of the ring in the event of a divorce because, after all, he will need that ring for that younger, slimmer chick at the gym. (Continued…)

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