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Issue date: 10/9/07 Section: Perspectives
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After the leading Republican candidates refused to attend a debate at a historically black university in Baltimore (in addition to refusing invitations from the NAACP and National Council of La Raza, among others), someone told them to come to Dearborn.

This, we're certain, was meant as a joke, but the candidates, immune to irony and perhaps wishing to pay homage to Dearborn's most famous Nazi sympathizer, agreed.

So here they are, not knowing they've arrived in the very center of all they despise. There's Sen. John McCain, who believes a religious litmus test is appropriate in electing the president. He said recently that Christianity is an important qualification for those who wish to lead the country; a country he says was "founded primarily on Christian principles," never mind the immortal words of Jefferson, Madison, Adams and other of the founders of the nation, who, on many occasions, stated clearly and unequivocally that America is not a Christian nation.

Then there's Tom Tancredo, whose stock in trade is Muslim bashing. He has said that the U.S. should bomb Mecca and other Muslim holy sites as a "deterrent" to terrorism. Tancredo has further asserted (in an NPR interview) that American Muslims celebrate when other Americans are killed in terrorist attacks and that "Muslims attack us because it's a dictate of their religion." Tancredo's rants against immigrants are also well-known. Immigration, he says, threatens "the very survival of Western Civilization."

Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney (a Mormon who might not pass the McCain Religious Fitness Test), Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter and Sam Brownback, all of whom have made their own questionable remarks regarding immigration and religion, are also in Dearborn.

We at The Michigan Journal are perplexed that a group of politicians dominated by anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim candidates who are dismissive of all minorities, should come to a city well known for its high proportion of all these groups.

Although ostensibly a forum for debating economic reform, the candidates should be held accountable for their words and we believe that Dearborn is an appropriate setting for calling them out.

Although the candidates will try to dismiss the concerns of those they've disparaged, we at The Michigan Journal hope that all who have the opportunity today will demand that these men explain themselves to the very people they've attacked.
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George Hemminger

posted 10/09/07 @ 2:35 PM EST

Boy have you got Ron Paul wrong. He beleive in Individual Liberties for ALL minority or otherwise...and recieved thunderous applause in the last PBS debates. (Continued…)

David McLeod

posted 10/09/07 @ 2:51 PM EST

"...we at The Michigan Journal hope that all who have the opportunity today will demand that these men explain themselves to the very people they've attacked. (Continued…)

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Chris S

posted 10/09/07 @ 2:53 PM EST

Divide and Conquer is so last century.


Chris S

posted 10/09/07 @ 2:57 PM EST

"not a credible piece of journalism."

In the author's defense, it is a STUDENT newspaper, after all.

Scott McDonnell

posted 10/09/07 @ 3:05 PM EST

Republican racism, huh? You lost me right there.

Racism because they didn't attend these events? That's your charge? So, if an elemtary school invites them to a debate and they don't show up, then they must hate children, too?

Well, the Democrats have been invited to Michigan, but they have refused to campaign in Michigan. (Continued…)

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posted 10/09/07 @ 3:35 PM EST

I don't get it. You're kvetching about a "group of politicians" which are "dominated by anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim candidates". Painting an entire group with the brush of a few would be a blunder to begin with. (Continued…)

Nancy S Batayeh

posted 10/10/07 @ 1:57 PM EST

What was the Michigan Journal's relation to volunteering at the debate? Does this article suggest that your paper is biased? As a member of the media, you should show both sides and let readers decide for themselves. (Continued…)

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M Warner

posted 10/11/07 @ 2:46 AM EST

Before I hear one more person comment on the "racist attitude" of the Republican party and whatever other myths the left fielders like to spread around. (Continued…)

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