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Editorial: New football ticket policy demeaning

M.J. Editorial Board

Issue date: 4/1/08 Section: Perspectives
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When it comes to getting student season tickets for the University of Michigan football team, many can't wait to get that e-mail saying that tickets are available for the upcoming season. Fall has become a time of tailgating, sitting in the student section with die-hard Wolverine fanatics and showing the pride of the maize and blue.

However, the students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn will now have to wait to get their tickets because the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor will now get first dibs on season tickets for the upcoming 2008 football season.

Students attending UM-D and the University of Michigan-Flint will have to wait to get their season tickets until after Ann Arbor students' deadline. The Ann Arbor deadline was March 28 and after this date, students at UM-D and Flint were able to order tickets. Their deadline is April 11.

Not only does Ann Arbor get first priority, but there is also a new policy to the seating priority. If there is not enough room to fit everyone in the student section, students, meaning UM-D students, may be placed outside the student section, usually meaning in the nose-bleed seats.

Even if you don't get season tickets, you can see how this is unfair and how it affects everyone at this campus. This first priority seating issue brings up many issues. Is this a statement that is saying that UM-D is inferior to the Ann Arbor campus?

We at The Michigan Journal feel this issue is a slap in the face because, even though the issue is just relating to season tickets, it is something much bigger than that. This issue affects us as a campus on a whole because it is telling us that Ann Arbor is somewhat better than us, so they deserve to be the first in line for season tickets.

The other problem is that the right of UM-D getting season football tickets at the same time as Ann Arbor was taken away without students even knowing it. There are no explanations as to why this happened and to why Ann Arbor was chosen to get tickets first.

We at The Michigan Journal believe that it is only fair for all students to receive the same opening dates and deadlines as everyone else. There should not be one particular school that gets the privilege and another that is singled out to get their tickets later. This creates a sense of superiority and for those students who are not attending the school that have first pick, it is sending the wrong message.

We belong to the same school, the University of Michigan. Campus location should not make a difference.
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posted 4/03/08 @ 9:37 AM EST

This is ridiculous, I mean you guys aren't a real part of the U of M campus. Seriously, Ann Arbor is the main campus, notice how we don't have our own symbol with Ann Arbor underneath the M. (Continued…)


posted 4/03/08 @ 12:09 PM EST

I don't think you could have made a more arrogant comment. U-M Dearborn is just as much part of U-M. A lot of students at Dearborn are there because they want to or because Ann Arbor doesn't offer the program they are looking for. (Continued…)

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posted 4/03/08 @ 2:27 PM EST

"This first priority seating issue brings up many issues. Is this a statement that is saying that UM-D is inferior to the Ann Arbor campus?"

Yes; I offer that sentence as proof. (Continued…)

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Proud to be a UM-D student

posted 4/03/08 @ 3:33 PM EST

If we're so inferior, why are you reading our campus paper? Obviously we must matter if the holy Ann Arbor students acknowledge our existence!

I'll have you know, by the way, that while working in the UM-D internship office, I spoke with employers who said that they WILL NOT consider UM-Ann Arbor students for internships and jobs because they are arrogant and think of themselves as "above" doing entry-level paper work. (Continued…)

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posted 4/04/08 @ 3:51 PM EST

This has nothing to do with elitism. The reality is that UM Ann Arbor and UM Dearborn and Flint are completely separate campuses with separate student bodies, and separate credit systems. (Continued…)

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posted 4/06/08 @ 6:26 PM EST

I was shocked when I learned that you guys got tickets too, it isn't that we think that we're better than you guys are, it is just that it seems like more students in Ann Arbor would buy the football tickets more just because it is right on our campus. (Continued…)

John McKay

posted 4/07/08 @ 2:48 AM EST



posted 4/08/08 @ 12:25 PM EST

I went to undergrad in Dearborn and grad school in Ann Arbor and can tell you that it is night and day. There is nothing wrong with this change. It is time to face the facts the three campuses function like three different schools. (Continued…)

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posted 4/14/08 @ 9:15 PM EST


The University of Michigan
The University of Michigan-Dearborn is one of two regional campuses of the University of Michigan. (Continued…)


posted 12/14/08 @ 8:31 PM EST

we are better than you look at average incoming ACT, SAT, GPA, extracurriculars, or any other quantifiable measure of success. Just because one person got into both campuses it would be absurd to think all UM-D students could have gotten into A^2 while the reverse is clearly true. (Continued…)

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